Top 12 Best Window Bird Feeders – Review of 2021

best window bird feeder

Even if you’ve never tried bird watching before, seeing a colorful bird rest on a branch and hearing their chirps can easily get you hooked! Bird watching is even healthier than staring at your television or computer all day. If you’ve seen one or two birds perch by your window once, you would surely want …

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Top 14 Best Woodpecker Feeders – Review of 2021

best woodpecker feeder

Woodpeckers like to find new sources of food, get as much as they can and store it on holes they make on trees. When they’re lucky, they can get all their stuff when it’s time to eat. But chances are, squirrels get their stocks first. Too bad, but what now? Related Articles Top 10 Best …

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Top 12 Best Finch Feeders – Review of 2021

best finch feeder

Finches are among the most fascinating bird species to frequent and live in North America. Whether you are looking for yellow birds, or red-purplish ones, the finch family has it. Finches have always been one of my fascinations, so I have put out several finch feeders in my yard and in the bit of forest …

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Top 12 Best Bluebird Feeders – Review of 2021

best bluebird feeder

Ever wondered what kind of birds Snow White was singing “A Smile and a Song” to? Or did you have an initial guess and tried associating it with its color? If you though bluebirds, then you’re right! These animated blue-colored birds are either a western or an eastern type of bird with genus Sialia. They …

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The Best Hummingbird Feeders of 2021


You wake up to a beautiful melody from your backyard and you wonder what creature makes such a beautiful sound. You slowly creep out and find colorful little birds fleeting from one flower to another, sipping sweet nectar. There’s no doubt about it, you have hummingbirds in your area. If you want to attract more …

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The Best Bird Feeders for Cardinals – Review of 2021

best bird feeder for cardinals

Cardinals are one of the most famous, widespread, and easily recognized birds in America. It has also been introduced to other places including Bermuda, Hawaii, and Southern California. These birds are non-migratory; meaning you will enjoy their presence all year long. If you live in a place where there is a huge population of cardinals, …

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