Scary Birds: 12 Creepiest Birds In The World (with Photos)

Marabou stork

Birds can be pretty creepy creatures. They’re often associated with peace, love, and happiness. But there are a few birds out there that are downright spooky. Whether it’s their appearance, behavior, or habitat, these 12 birds are the creepiest of the bunch. Check them out! (Photos included) 12 Scary Birds In The World 1.Marabou stork …

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Types Of Finches: 15 Finch Species In The US

Lawrence’s Goldfinch

There are many different types of finches in the US. In fact, there are fifteen different species. Each type of finch has its own unique characteristics and habits. Some people might think that all these different types of birds would be difficult to tell apart, but they can actually be quite easy to identify if …

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Why Do Woodpeckers Peck Wood? Here Are 12 Reasons

why do woodpeckers peck wood

The question, “Why do woodpeckers peck at trees?” is one of the most frequently asked questions put to wildlife biologists. We know what this bird does, but not why.  So let’s see if we can find an answer together. 12 Reasons why woodpeckers peck wood To Find Food Many different species of woodpeckers forage throughout …

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Are Owls Dangerous To Humans, Dogs, And Cats?

are owls dangerous

Owls are some of the most fascinating and mysterious birds in the world. Some people say they see them as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge, while others say they are harbingers of bad luck.  But, there is another group of people who think that because of their looks and the way they stare (glaring) …

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Where Do Birds Go When It Rains: All You Need To Know

where do birds go when it rains

Birds are fascinating creatures that play an integral role in our ecosystem.  They can be found on every continent except Antarctica and they come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and personalities. Some people even keep pet birds at their home!  But have you ever wondered what happens to the birds when it rains? Or where …

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5 Best Metal Bird Feeders On The Market In 2022

metal bird feeders

A bird feeder is a must-have for any avid bird watcher. Whether you are looking to attract small songbirds or larger birds of prey, there are many options available on the market.  To help you find the best metal bird feeders on the market in 2022, we have compiled a list of our favorites!  How …

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7 White Birds To Spot In The Wild (with Photos)

white birds

There are many different types of white birds out there.  This article will introduce you to 7 that you can spot in the wild. You might even be able to spot them at your local zoo!  These 7 represent only a small fraction of all the white birds around, but they’re some of our favorites.  …

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